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The Best Fishing Gear of 2018 | Field & Stream

We’ve come a long way from the cane pole and bobber. So, too, have the manufacturers of fishing gear, whether it’s a bomb­proof reel, a cooler built like a brick outhouse, or a portable sonar ...


Hunting, Fishing and Camping Tips and Tricks

Calling All Worms! This surprisingly simple technique will unearth some surprising results! Find an area of loose, slightly moist soil (the dirt under a log or landscape timber works well) and push a 12- to 18-inch-long stick two to three inches into the ground.


MAVERICK FORUM FAQ - Maverick Boat Group

I hate hauling my anchor up from 50’ by hand. Other than installing an electric winch, is there an easier way that will save my back? o T-H Marine has an Anchor Retrieving System as shown on the West Marine Website.


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Authors who have published a lot of stories on the Nifty Archive


Jeni Barnett - Official Site

We went to Ghent. Posted by Jeni in Ad Infinitum | 22 September 2018. So my lap top got rained on, well poured on more like. So I had to contact the insurance company and agree to pay the first 100 pounds excess.


Barber's pole - Wikipedia

A barber's pole is a type of sign used by barbers to signify the place or shop where they perform their craft. The trade sign is, by a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, a staff or pole with a helix of colored stripes (often red and white in many countries, but usually red, blue, and white in the United States).


Q&A: Why does my cat suddenly bite me for no reason?

My partners cat is a rspca rescue cat he is white all over and bits of ginger on the top off his head and ginger tail he doesn’t like us stroking him at all but he loves playing all day long but when he plays he kicks you with his back legs holds you with both paws and bites you and licks you at the same time his ears are alway pushed back and you feel that you can not give him any kind of ...


Wax or Synthetic Polymer? - The Hull Truth - Boating and ...

I used pinnacle black diamond, it’s easy to apply, comes in a spray bottle. My 34yf took two bottles. Our new 36 arriving soon will get the same from day one since surface will be all prepped from the get go, just wipe down with alcohol soaked rag 1st.


Here is the new PINS Webcam - Corpus Fishing.com

5/18 PINS Report - Jeff Wolda at Padre Island Light Tackle Adventures had a wonderful father-son trip Wednesday.The son is 6' 9" and the dad at 6' 8" so keep that in mind when you look at the size of these trout.


Webshots - Quaking Aspen Trees During Fall, Utah

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