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What is Thermal Evaporation? - AJA International

´╗┐Thermal Evaporation ´╗┐ is one of the simplest of the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) techniques. Basically, material is heated in a vacuum chamber until its surface atoms have sufficient energy to leave the surface.


Deposition - Sputtering - Evaporator Systems

Buy new, used, refurbished deposition, sputtering, evaporator systems at SPEC.


KE2 Therm - Official Site

Who we are in Marketplace. KE2 Therm is a U.S. based developer, and manufacturer, of "smart" refrigeration controllers. The company's leading-edge technology is specified by a wide range of end users, consultants and major OEM manufacturers of evaporators, and walk-in freezers and coolers.


Refrigeration equipment - Food and Agriculture Organization

The IIR publication Packing station for fruits and vegetables (1973) includes a table for the estimation of the relative humidity in a cold store from the air cooler surface temperature and storage space temperature.


Analytical equipments - Solid Phase Extraction (SPE ...

Analytical equipments Exporter of a wide range of products which include solid phase extraction (spe ), oil free diaphragm vacuum pump, capillary column nuts, digital gas flow meter, digital gas flow meter (dfm-07) and measuring rotameter.


Glossary of HVAC terms - Wikipedia

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is a major subdiscipline of mechanical engineering.The goal of HVAC design is to balance indoor environmental comfort with other factors such as installation cost, ease of maintenance, and energy efficiency.


Fan coil unit - Wikipedia

A fan coil unit (FCU) is a simple device consisting of a heating and/or cooling heat exchanger or 'coil' and fan.It is part of an HVAC system found in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.


Used PCR Thermal Cycler | Molecular Biology | BioSurplus

There are 2 types of Thermal Cyclers available: 1) Standard Thermal Cycler. 2) Real-Time PCR Thermal Cycler / qPCR Thermal Cycler. Traditional or standard PCR detects amplification product at the end point of the reaction using agarose gel.


Evaporator, Used Evaporators, APV Rising Falling Film, Used ...

Genemco sells used evaporators and box dryers including plate evaporator, single and multiple effect, Paravap, Rising Falling Film, Falling Film and Tubular Evaporators.


Manual on meat cold store operation and management

Refrigeration circuit controls. Most refrigerating plants are automatically operated to some extent, as manual control of the various refrigerating functions is difficult and not very accurate.