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SINO MOULD - Official Site

SINO MOULD is a world famous PLASTIC MOULD manufacturer in China, a unique company, efforts for realizing plastic injection mould and molding technologies innovation for world plastic molding industries .


Injection Mold, Plastic Molding Company | ACO Mold

ACO Mold - Plastic injection mold manufacturer Aco Mold Co Limited, a Chinese mold manufacturer located in Shenzhen, dedicates in injection mold tooling, manufacturing and plastic injection moulding services, offers custom injection mold making and plastic parts production for global companies.


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Facility We are a fully equipped injection mold factory, we have completely in-house mold making capacity, proceed from mold design to CNC, EDM, wire cut, polish, mold fitting and mold testing.


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Plastic Injection Molding industry source for global companies in injection mold tooling, manufacturing and custom molded plastic parts supplying.


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Tour of Cn-moulding. Cn-moulding (China) Co., Ltd.Mold-making factory specializing in plastic injection molding and various moulds manufacturing, exporting to worldwide with Europe and USA standard.


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Alwin Asia Limited Plastic products processing environment. By Alwin Asia Limited; 03/08/2015; Alwin Asia Limited injection department has many advanced electric injection molding machine and high-temperature mold temperature machine imported from Japan .such as Fanus、SYSKO、TOYO and so on.


Mold maker in China-Jiemei Mould Factory-plastic injection ...

China Mold maker-Jiemei Mould Factory, is a Plastic mould manufacturer & factory in Shenzhen, Specializes in plastic injection mould,automold, die-casting mold, double-injection mold, overmold. we are Chinese plastic mold maker, mould factory, mold supplier, exporter in Shenzhen


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Injection Mold. Injection Mold Intertech is a precision Plastic injection mold manufacturer in Taiwan, ...


Injection Mold China, Plastic Injection Mould Maker

What is Plastic Injection Mold? Plastic injection mold (aka injection mold in the UK) is a tool for manufacturing plastic parts, also makes the plastic parts have full structures and precise dimensions.


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CNMOULD Co., Ltd. is the world famous Chinese plastic mould and molds manufacturers in Southeast of China, from 1999 a small workshop until today.