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Innerlayer imaging for multilayer PCB – Eurocircuits

To produce the inner layers of our multilayer PCB, we start with a panel of laminate. Laminate is an epoxy resin and glass-fibre core with copper foil pre-bonded onto each side.


PCB Fabrication | Wrap Plating Process

In combination of our pinless lamination system and x-ray process, Gorilla is capable of layer-to-layer registration less than .0007”. Registration is the most critical aspect of building high layer multi-site .3mm boards.


Substrate (electronics) - Wikipedia

A substrate (also called a wafer) is a solid (usually planar) substance onto which a layer of another substance is applied, and to which that second substance adheres.In solid-state electronics, this term refers to a thin slice of material such as silicon, silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, sapphire, germanium, gallium arsenide (GaAs), an alloy of silicon and germanium, or indium phosphide (InP).


Drilled Holes in the PCB – all you need to know to avoid ...

1.Tool lists for drill files are ALWAYS read ( and interpreted) by our CAM systems as finished hole sizes ( so final diameter of the whole after plating and surface finish )


PCB Universe - Printed Circuit Boards - Custom PCB Prototypes ...

PCB Universe, your best source for high quality, low cost Printed Circuit Boards.


Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing - Process Capabilities

Circuit boards manufacturing process capabilities including specifications on microvia diameter, impedance control, v-cut capability and drill capability.


IPC-7351 & 7251 Padstack Naming Convention

Modifier Example for Through-hole: s150h90zs 150 = where “s” is Square 1.50 land with 0.90 Hole with 1.50 inner (Z) Layer Square land c150h90zc 150 = where “c” is Circular 1.50 land with 0.90 Hole with 1.50 inner (Z) Layer Circular land


What is a PCB Board? Printed Circuit Definition | Advanced ...

Printed Circuit Board Definition & The History of the PCB What is a PC board? When did printed circuit boards first come into usage? We created this page to help define what printed circuit boards are and trace their history up to the present day.


Capabilities - Sunshine Global PCB Group

Materials Standard Advanced: Standard Features Standard Advanced; FR4 (130‐180 Tg by DSC) Y: Y: Maximum layer count: 20: 36: Halogen Free: Y: Y: Maximum Panel Size: 21″x24″


New Customer PCB Specials - Advanced Circuits

Receive 50% off 1st & 2nd PCB orders up to $250 per order. Buy your PCBs from us and use our Exclusive Services: Free design layout software, PCB Artist, and FreeDFM.com file check.