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Blue Ripper Miter Master For Miter Cuts In Natural Stone

The Blue Ripper Miter Master rail saw creates two perfectly mitered edges simultaneously. Using two Makita grinders, it does twice the work in half the time.

Omni Cubed Miter-It Easy-To-Use Auto Clamp Starter Kit

The Miter-It Auto is an easy-to-use clamp featuring our proprietary vacuum cup system with ultimate holding power. Use minimal shop air to power the 1/2 CFM venturi vacuum generator, which accommodates up to ten clamps simultaneously.

Miter-It Miter Corner And Lamination Clamps

Miter-It Miter Clamps automatically squares the miter stone edges. It's is a fast and easy-to-use jig that allows finished-side-up miter laminations.

Omega Diamond Blue Ripper Rail Saw - Braxton Bragg

Blue Ripper Rail Saw can cut through 3cm Black Galaxy at speeds of 9 ft/min! It cuts fast and easy. As accurate as a big bridge saw but at the lowest cost.

Granite Fabrication Tools And Equipment At Braxton-Bragg

Whatever Your Needs, We Carry the Saws and Fabrication Equipment to Get Your Job Done.... We offer saws for small jobs, as well as saws for big jobs. We offer saws that will perform and last in the stone industry.

Husky Gantry Bridge Saw - Braxton Bragg

Husky Gantry Bridge Saw is a 20HP Direct Drive Bridge Saw. Wireless Remote, Digital Read Out, Direct Drive AC Inverter Duty motors for all 3 Axis, Alignment Laser, Amp Gauge for determining proper cutting speed, Rotating Tilt Table with 0, 45, 90, and 135 degree stops and innovative variable degree table locking system.

Braxton Bragg - Tools For Granite, Marble, Tile, Polished ...

Braxton-Bragg Distributor of Tools, Materials & Stone Fabrication Supplies, Stone Masons, Tile & Concrete Contractors. Lowest Prices, Same Day Shipping, Best Guarantee.


Talon Miter Cut Quartz, Granite And Marble Bridge Saw Blades

Talon Miter Cut Quartz, Granite & Marble Bridge Saw Blades are designed to cut sharp, smooth, chip free edges for miter cuts.

Groves Materials Handling Equipment for Stone Countertop ...

Groves Storage Systems, Remnant Racks, Groves Transport Carts, Shop Carts, Fabrication Tables, Tilt Tables And Groves Miter Up 200 - All at the lowest price.

Large Format Porcelain Tile Tools And Waterproofing Products

We Stock The Tile Tools & Supplies You Want And We Ship Them FAST... We offer the highest quality Tile Tools and Materials including waterproofing products, large format tile handling equipment, travertine filler, and adhesives needed by tile contractors.