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Disc Filters - Flexicare

Hydrophobic Disc Filters protect the monitor from moisture during CO 2 monitoring.


EZFlow Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane Filters, 0.45um, 90mm ...

The membrane disc filters are available in a nylon material or hydrophobic PTFE material with polypropylene support, offered in 0.2µm or 0.45µm pore sizes. The Nylon membrane is has great chemical resistance and makes them ideal for filtering more aggressive solutions such as alcohols and DMSO.

Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane Disc Filters | Foxx Life Sciences

Foxx Life Sciences provides premium quality Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane Disc Filters available in 13mm, 25mm, 47mm, and 90mm that ensures to retain particles or micro-organisms by surface capture.


Difference between hydrophilic and hydrophobic filters ...

Disc Membrane Filter. OEM. About. SimplePak TM. Blotting. ... Hydrophobic filters are best suited for gas filtration, low surface tension solvents, and venting. In ...


Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane Filters - Starlab Scientific

Starlab Scientific Co., Ltd provides you excellent hydrophobic PTFE membrane filters with the lowest IC extractable levels and a wide range of chemical compatibility with aqueous and organic solutions.

United States of America - MilliporeSigma | Life Science

Filter Discs and Membranes > Hydrophobic Edge Membranes Hydrophobic edge membranes are standard MF-Type filters with edges rendered hydrophobic to 3 or 6 mm widths.


Membrane Disc Filters - Filters | Sterlitech

Membrane Disc Filters Sterliech offers a comprehensive selection of polymeric and inorganic membrane filter materials, enabling users to perform everything from solvent filtration to gas venting. Please consult with our filtration experts for assistance in membrane selection, or try a customized sample pack to get started.


Hydrophobic PTFE Disc Membrane Filter - Starlab Sci

Description of Hydrophobic PTFE Dis c Membrane Filter PTFE is a hydrophobic membrane and chemically resistant to virtually all solvents. It can be used for working with aggressive media such as strong acids, alcohols, bases, aromatics.


EZFlow Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane Filters, 0.22um, 25mm ...

EZFlow Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane Filters, 0.22um, 25mm Diameter Filter Discs, ... Each gridded disc filter is sterilized by gamma irradiation and individually packaged.

Disc Filters - Meissner Filtration Products

Meissner’s absolute-rated disc filters are available in standard diameters from 13 mm to 293 mm, and pore sizes from 0.04 µm to 10 µm. A complete range of liquid (hydrophilic) and air/gas (hydrophobic) microfiltration media is available for use in pharmaceutical, biological, biopharmaceutical, industrial, analytical, solvent, chemical, gas/air and venting applications.