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When the plastic sewer caps are too tight to remove by hand, you need a tool to break them loose; however, this is not the tool. The plastic is too brittle and will break on the real sticky ones.

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LASCO 19-5523 Angle Ball Valve Compression Fitting with ...

Product Description. LASCO 19-5523 Angle Ball Valve Compression Fitting with Integral Sleeve Nut, 3/8-Inch Od Tube x 1/4-Inch Female Pipe Thread, Nylon and Plastic.

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Other details: The size of the boot is the size stamped on the outside of the inner liner. Which means that in order to determine the size of the boots, you need to pull out the inner liner and examine it for size.


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Under the two pieces of plastic which you can prise up, are two screws you need to loosen.



It is very important to ensure the cover plate on the magneto remains tightly sealed (use 'Holdtite' or 'Locktite' on screws). If water is allowed to get into the magneto chamber, it will cause the magneto to fuse out.


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Tips to Help Install the HPOP Fitting Upgrade Kit

replace stc note: an air leak on the high pressure oil pump shaft lip seal is normal. this is not an indication of a high pressure oil leak and the high pressure oil pump should not be replaced for this

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A spudger (or sometimes spludger) is a tool that has a wide flat-head screwdriver-like end that extends as a wedge, used to separate pressure-fit plastic components without causing damage during separation.


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Relocate table storage. Having to stow the table and table leg in the intended compartment back under one of the twin beds is super-inconvenient, particularly when the beds are configured together as a king.