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omega-3 fatty acids - The World's Healthiest Foods

The George Mateljan Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation with no commercial interests or advertising. Our mission is to help you eat and cook the healthiest way for optimal health.


Betta Fish Diseases - How To Treat A Sick Betta Fish ...

Certain behaviors are linked to a stressed or sick betta fish and not necessarily a full-blown disease yet. Identifying these behaviors (listed above) is the easiest way to tell if your betta fish is sick.


The Ultimate Betta Fish Food and Feeding Guide | Bettafish.org

Betta fish have very short digestive tracts and do not process fillers like corn and wheat very well. These fillers are often found in many pellet and flake foods and can lead to excess bloat and digestive issues (e.g. constipation).


Animal World Network - pet supplies, dog food, dog treats ...

Animal World carries a wide variety of pet supplies including dog food, greenies, dog treats, horse saddles, aquarium supplies, natural dog food, and much more.


Top 10 Pellet Smokers (Oct. 2018): Reviews & Buyers Guide ...

The Traeger Lil-Tex 22 Wood Pellet Smoker and Grill impressed us the most with its “6-in-1” feature, which lets you braise, smoke, grill, braise, roast and BBQ all kinds of foods.


African Tiger Fish, Tiger Fish, or Tigerfish, Hydrocynus vittatus

The African Tiger Fish Hydrocynus vittatus is an unusual characin. This fish is best described by its scientific name. "Hydrocynus" means "water dog"and "vittatus" means "striped," and, indeed, the African Tiger Fish looks like a "striped waterdog."


Pike Cichlid, Crenicichla lepidota Two-Spot Pike Cichlid Fish ...

The Pike Cichlid Crenicichla lepidota is a handsome torpedo shaped fish. It looks great and adds a nice touch of variety to an aquarium. Though they aren't a very large cichlid and only reach about 7" (18 cm), they are aggressive and voracious predators and not suitable for community tanks.


BEST Wood Pellet Grills: Amazon.com

Best pellets I've ever used! Used to use Traeger pellets and there's no comparison...much better smoke flavor! I use these for everything from pork shoulder to beef brisket to chicken to fish.


Koi Food Guide: Maximize Color and Growth

Learn why a koi pond owner should feed the best koi food for their living jewels to help with fish health, color, and pond water quality. Similarly to humans – you are what you eat – and one of the most important concerns in our family and at Kodama Koi Gardens has been choosing the right ingredients for our koi food.


Pit Boss Grills 72820 Deluxe Wood Pellet Grill - amazon.com

Pit boss wood pellet grills make it easy to prepare and serve the finest in wood-fired gourmet goodness. Using 100% all natural cooking-grade wood barbecue pellets for fuel, no gas, propane or charcoal is needed! turn a simple dial to start the grill, and you can sear a steak, bake pizza or cookies, smoke jerky, ribs or brisket, all with natural flavored wood pellets.