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Buffer | Definition of Buffer by Merriam-Webster

5: a section of computer memory for temporarily storing information especially: one that accepts information at one rate and delivers it at another The streaming video feed continues to download into the buffer while the computer starts playing the movie.


pH Buffers in the Blood - chemistry.wustl.edu

How Chemicals Are Exchanged in the Body. All cells in the body continually exchange chemicals (e.g.,nutrients, waste products, and ions) with the external fluid surrounding them (Figure 2).


Amphiphile - Wikipedia

An amphiphile (from the Greek αμφις, amphis: both and φιλíα, philia: love, friendship) is a chemical compound possessing both hydrophilic (water-loving, polar) and lipophilic (fat-loving) properties.


Positive Correlation in Psychology: Examples & Definition ...

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The Rabbit - Husbandry, health and production

Biological considerations. The design of rabbit housing is governed by the behavioural characteristics of the animals and their reactions to environmental temperature and humidity.


IET reagents 02 - immunologie-labor.com

pH = pKa + log([conj base]0 / [conj acid]0) In this form, the equation may be also used for buffer solutions containing a weak base and its salt where the salt is the acidic component.


RMM Product Matrix - Rapid Microbiology and Rapid ...

RMMs for Microbial Identification: Company • Product Name Scientific Method • Applications Time to Result Throughput Sample Size or Type Sensitivity Organism


Countercurrent exchange - Wikipedia

Countercurrent exchange is a mechanism occurring in nature and mimicked in industry and engineering, in which there is a crossover of some property, usually heat or some component, between two flowing bodies flowing in opposite directions to each other.


What is Oxidation? - Definition, Process & Examples - Video ...

In this lesson, learn about oxidation and its process, and examine some examples of oxidation, including the mystery of browning fruit. Then, measure what you've learned with a quiz.


Definitions Mechanisms of deterioration Current role of ...

Food Quality and Shelf Life (Shelf Life, Deterioration, & Packaging) • Definitions • Mechanisms of deterioration • Current role of packaging • Examples of future concepts ...

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