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A major limitation of any process that precipitates carbonate solids within the water is that the water must be supersaturated in calcium or magnesium carbonate, and even then it would be expected to only reduce the carbonate concentrations to saturation levels.


Hydrogenation - Wikipedia

Hydrogenation – meaning, to treat with hydrogen – is a chemical reaction between molecular hydrogen (H 2) and another compound or element, usually in the presence of a catalyst such as nickel, palladium or platinum.


Catalysis - Wikipedia

Catalysis is the process of increasing the rate of a chemical reaction by adding a substance known as a catalyst (/ ˈ k æ t əl ɪ s t /), which is not consumed in the catalyzed reaction and can continue to act repeatedly.


Catalysis and Electrocatalysis at Nanoparticle Surfaces ...

Catalysis and Electrocatalysis at Nanoparticle Surfaces illustrates the latest developments in electrochemical nanotechnology, heterogeneous catalysis, surface science, and theoretical modeling.

Interaction of nanostructured metal overlayers with oxide ...

Finally, chemical applications will be highlighted. Many catalytic systems consist of nanosized metal catalysts supported on oxides. It has been found that the interaction between metals and oxide supports, so-called metal–support interactions, are of great importance in heterogeneous catalysis , , , , , , , .


Iron Oxide Nanozyme: A Multifunctional Enzyme Mimetic for ...

Like natural enzymes, IONzymes are stimulated or inhibited by some chemicals. Currently, the reported activators include ATP, ADP, AMP [42, 43] and DNA.Notably, ATP can enhance the peroxidase-like activity at neutral pH by complexation with Fe 3 O 4 nanoparticles to participate in single electron transfer reactions [].


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C-reactive protein (CRP) a protein that is produced in the liver in response to inflammation.CRP is a biomarker of inflammation that is strongly associated with the risk of cardiovascular events, such as myocardial infarction and stroke.


Synthesis of two dimensional materials on extremely clean ...

The atomic manipulation of a surface environment is a promising prospect in the synthesis of high quality 2D materials. • A clean surface is an important platform to investigate the catalytic activity of substrates.


Effects of Inhibitors on Enzyme Activity (Introduction to ...

Enzyme inhibitors are substances which alter the catalytic action of the enzyme and consequently slow down, or in some cases, stop catalysis. There are three common types of enzyme inhibition - competitive, non-competitive and substrate inhibition.


Catalysis in industry - Essential Chemical Industry

Catalysts are substances that speed up reactions by providing an alternative pathway for the breaking and making of bonds. Key to this alternative pathway is a lower activation energy than that required for the uncatalysed reaction.