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JBJ Aquarium Chillers Wholesale and Retail

Jbj Aquarium Chillers, promoting the transworld aquatics water chiller product line. We offer reef products including Arctica Aquarium Chillers, coolworks thermoelectric units Wholesale and retail.


Hamilton Technology Aqua Euro Max Aquarium Chiller - Amazon.com

Maintain optimum water temperature by lowering the water temperature of your tank Digital led temperature display control accurately maintains desired temperature

Aquarium Chiller | eBay

This 2 in 1 Aquarium Thermostat (Chiller and Heater) safely chills and maintains the water to a lower temperature. • Great for both fresh and salt water aquarium. 1 x Aquarium Thermostat.


Aquarium Chillers by Jbj Wholesale and Retail| JbjChillers.com

Artica Aquarium chillers are used to chill the aquarium water to an appropriate temperature for the tank's inhabitants mainly your fish and corals in marine and saltwater setups.


DIY Chiller from air dehumidifier - Jon Olavs Akvarium

DIY Chilling This is an old and never ending discussion in the aquarium hobby. Can you make your own chiller and how? On websites using English language, mostly American ones, the application is chilling a reef tank a few degrees in a hot climate.


TradeWind Chillers | Fish Aquarium & Tank Water Chillers

This 1 1/2 thru 5 hp high performance Aquarium or Tank Water Chiller will maintain between 1500 and 5000 gallons tanks. To find out more click the button below.


Aquarium & Pond UV Sterilization | How UV-C Sterilizers Work

Information how a UV Sterilizer & clarifier works. Category A, B, & C UV Sterilizers. Why TRUE Aquarium, Pond UVC Sterilization is important for green water control, fish disease prevention, & Redox.


iPettie Aquarium Cooling System Fan Chiller - amazon.com

Ahhhhhh I'm quite happy to ditch the frozen water bottles in my axolotl tank. This product worked! My tank was approx 70.2 - 73F even with my AC on.

Notes on a do-it-yourself (DIY) reef aquarium chiller

I occasionally get email requests for information on how to build your own aquarium chiller. My first words of caution are to forget about using a dorm fridge as the starting point for your chiller. A reasonable starting point is a window air conditioner. Eventually I would like to say more about ...


Freshwater Aquarium Care | Basics & Fish Information ...

Help with the basics to advanced aspects of freshwater aquarium fish care. Most subjects covered, with resource links to more in depth/advanced information. Based on the experience of aquarium keeping guru Carl Strohmeyer