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Zirconia Ceramic Rod

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알루미나튜브 알루미나도가니 세라믹튜브 캐스터블세라믹 머시너블세라믹 알루미나디스크 세라믹플레이트 지르코니아 튜브...

알루미나튜브 알루미나도가니 머시너블세라믹 지르코니아튜브 지르코니아도가니 에스아이시튜브 SIC튜브 SIC도가니 Lime stabilized zirconia crucible 코런덤튜브 광옥튜브 실라미나이트튜브 뮬라이트튜브 뮬라이트도가니 mullite crucibles 시험실세라믹용기 마그네샤도가니(MgO2 crucibles) 보론도가니 BORON CRUCIBLE



Headquartered in the energy capital of the world - Houston, Texas, Sunnda Corporation designs, manufactures, DQG PDUNHWV DQ H[WHQVLYH OLQH RI RLO¿HOG HTXLSPHQW ZKLFK PHHWV RU H[FHHGV WKH ULJRURXV LQGXVWU\ VWDQGDUGV


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Instructions: Above is an alphabetical list of the engineering materials trade names that are included in the MatWeb database. We include plastics compounders and fabricators of some semi-finished products such as sheet, rod, tube, and powders when the producer supplies us with unique technical data on their products.


Makita UK

‘IT’S A LIGHT BREEZE’ WITH NEW TORCHES AND PORTABLE FANS BY MAKITA Two new Makita portable fans have been introduced in response to customer demand for rugged, high performance fans of compact size.