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Zinc Die Casting Alloys. Overview. Eastern Alloys manufactures the complete range of zinc die casting alloys. ZAMAK alloys were first developed during the 1920's by The New Jersey Zinc Company.


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Eco die casting Co.,Ltd is a professional custom metal die casting manufacturer in China, specializing in precision aluminum, zinc, and magnesium die casting parts for automotive, lighting, electronics, and industrial products.


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Die-casting mould is made from steel and similar as permanent mold casting, suitable for aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and copper alloy. Now Dongrun is only an aluminum die casting manufacture, not for other metal.....


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Zinc alloys are versatile engineering materials. No other alloy provides the combination of strength, toughness, rigidity, bearing performance, and economic castability.


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Products. Eastern Alloys manufactures and distributes zinc and aluminum alloys for the die casting and steel coating industries.


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DieCast. The production brings the design to reality. PDC’s skilled operators and precision die casting machines consistently produce high-quality parts in multiple Aluminum Alloys, Zinc and Brass.


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Pacific Die Casting has been serving companies for years for aluminum casting, zinc & zinc alloy die cast, & brass casting. We also serve Mexican die caster


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The two types of die casting machines are a hot chamber machine and cold chamber machine. Hot chamber die casting machine - Hot chamber machines are used for alloys with low melting temperatures, such as zinc, tin, and lead.


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Complete Mold Die Casting Tool Diecasting tooling comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. Tooling for die casting is made from steel and usually weighs several hunderd pounds for a complete die (complete mold).