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Women Mannequin Head

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Male Mannequin White Styrofoam Head by foam head

Case Pack of 1 Giell Styrofoam Foam Mannequin Wig Head Display Male White


Eyelash Extensions Flat Head Mannequin - amazon.com

This is for 1 Flat Head Mannequin for Practice of Eyelash Extension or Make-up & 10 pairs of false strip eyelashes Material: Soft Silicon Plastic


SCP-847 - SCP Foundation

A federal human trafficking investigation led to the discovery of SCP-847 in the basement of an abandoned department store in Las Vegas, NV on 8/23/1983, surrounded by partially disassembled and broken non-anomalous female mannequins wrapped in plastic sheets.


Mannequin Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or the ...

Voila! Finally, the Mannequin script is here for all you fans of the classic 80's movie starring Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, and James Spader. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Mannequin.


Hair - Wikipedia

Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis.Hair is one of the defining characteristics of mammals.The human body, apart from areas of glabrous skin, is covered in follicles which produce thick terminal and fine vellus hair.