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Lost-wax process | metal casting | Britannica.com

Lost-wax process: Lost-wax process, method of metal casting in which a molten metal is poured into a mold that has been created by means of a wax model. Once the mold is made, the wax model is melted and drained away.


Investment Casting, Lost Wax Casting, Sand Casting ... - SAIVS

Saivs is leading the industry in Lost wax casting, investment casting, die casting;one of specialized manufacturer and exporter of sand Casting,aluminum die casting,zinc die casting,green sand casting,aluminum sand casting.


Lost-wax casting - Wikipedia

Lost-wax casting (also called "investment casting", "precision casting", or cire perdue in French) is the process by which a duplicate metal sculpture (often silver, gold, brass or bronze) is cast from an original sculpture.


Investment casting,lost wax casting,precision casting,casting ...

Giayoung Precision Metal Co.,Ltd.. Giayoung produces high-quality precision investment castings and machined casting parts by silicasol lost wax casting process, precision machining and surface treatment etc. Main products: stainless steel castings,carbon steel castings, low alloys castings, copper base alloys castings, aluminium alloys castings, nickel and cobalt base alloys castings; Monthly ...


Lost-Wax Casting - Shop Edition: Old, New, and Inexpensive ...

The Shop Edition of Lost-Wax Casting has a content that is identical with the standard edition. However, the 8.5 x 11 inch format is larger with wide margins suitable for taking notes or keeping calculations.

China Precision Investment Casting, Wax Mould Casting, Lost ...

Ningbo Fenghua Huawei Investment Casting Co.,Ltd is a professional precision investment casting, wax mould casting, lost wax metal casting, water glass steel casting manufacturer and supplier in China.



HOW TO WORK WITH HYDROCAL AND OTHER MODELING TIPS - LOST WAX BRASS CASTING. Lost wax investment casting is a process that turns a wax pattern into metal.


Lost Wax Casting - Instructables.com

This is a brief outline of my lost wax casting technique. There are several ways to cast, this is just the way I do it as a one woman show! Also, this was my set up about 7 years ago and some things have changed - I have a slightly updated longer version here on my website. You can view a lot of my ...


Lost Wax Casting | Parts Train Leader - Tosing-casting

Tosing-casting - Lost Wax Casting factory as a leading OEM Forklift Parts manufacturer offers durable and affordable Marine Parts for you to get what you want.


How to Make a Mold for Lost Wax Casting - Instructables.com

This is the cheapest and easiest method of preparing a mold for lost wax casting. All you need is your wax sculptures with sprues, plaster of paris, water and...