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Manufacturer of Tower Trays & Tower Packings by Munters India ...

Munters India Humidity Control Private Limited - Manufacturer of Tower Trays, Tower Packings & Structured Packing from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Best Mass Transfer and Separation Technology Provider – Finepac

Finepac is one of the leading mass transfer and separation technology providers in India. We have more than 20 years of experience in industry. We are best manufacturer and exporter of Best Mass Transfer, and Separation Technology and static mixing Technologies in all over the world.


Structured Packing - Koch-Glitsch

Structured Packing For improved performance in new and existing towers. The uniform arrangement of structured packing provides many advantages compared to random packing or fractionation

www.koch-glitsch.com/Document Library/KGSP.pdf

Tower Packing_zeolite zsm-5_metal pall ring_Tourmaline ...

Pingxiang Naike Chemical Industry Equipment Packing Co.,Ltd Pingxiang Naike Chemical Industry Equipment Packing Co., Ltd. (also known as NKCHEM), the top leading mass transfer product manufacturer of Tower Packing (column packing) and chemical ceramic.NKCHEM was established from the consortium of several existing factories with a long history.


JINTAI Raschig Ring Packing - About us --Jiangxi Jintai ...

JINTAI Raschig Ring Packing is proven in a wide range of mass transfer applications. A full range of JINTAI Raschig Ring sizes and materials are available to tackle a wide range of separation applications.


Jaeger - Official Site

Jaeger Tri-Packs® Random Packed Bed. Random packing for packed bed scrubbing and air stripping systems. Spherical ball packing - packs extremely well, little to no settle, supports maximum efficiency mass transfer in random bed.


HETP evaluation of structured packing distillation column

ABSTRACT. Several tests with a hydrocarbon mixture of known composition (C 8-C 14), obtained from DETEN Chemistry S.A., have been performed in a laboratory distillation column, having 40mm of nominal diameter and 2.2m high, with internals of Sulzer DX gauze stainless steel structured packing.



INTALOX ® Packed Tower Systems technology INTALOX ® Packed Tower Systems technology from Koch-Glitsch combines well-matched high performance packing and state-of-the-art liquid and vapor distributors to create predictable and reliable separation column performance.


Kevin - Chemical Process Products : Tower Packings, Trays ...

Tower Packings, Trays, Internals, Mass transfer equipments, Chemical process equipments, KEVIN enterprises, Norton, Structured Packings, Medal-Pak, Tall-Pak, Montz ...


Jiangxi Kelley Chemical Packing Co., LTD

Jiangxi kelley chemical packing co., LTD.specializing Plastic /Metal / Ceramic Random Packing,Tower Packing,Structured Packing,Ceramic Ball,Column Packing,etc, is a scientific research, development, production, sales as one of the modern enterprise, the industry is the size of reputation of manufacturer