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Sodium Alginate (alginate, algin) | Molecular Recipes

Sodium Alginate is a natural polysaccharide product extracted from brown seaweed that grows in cold water regions. In modernist cuisine, sodium alginate is mostly used with calcium salts to produce small caviar-like and large spheres with liquid inside that burst in the mouth.


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Sodium Alginate in Powder Form - 16 oz / 453.6 g - Food Grade Thickening Agent - For Chefs and Cooks - Organic and 100% Natural - (K) Kosher Certified - Available in 2 / 8 / 16 oz

Alginic acid - Wikipedia

Alginic acid, also called algin or alginate, is a polysaccharide distributed widely in the cell walls of brown algae, where through binding with water it forms a viscous gum.



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Sodium Alginate Side Effects | LIVESTRONG.COM

Sodium alginate may help improve weight loss when combined with a reduced-calorie diet, according to a study published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" in 2012. This supplement made from seaweed is also included in some antacids because the gel it forms can help protect your esophagus ...

Uses for Sodium Alginate | LIVESTRONG.COM

Sodium alginate is a substance that the Food and Drug Administration has listed as generally recognized as safe. In production, sodium alginate is...

Sodium alginate, Superclear, and other dye thickeners

Sodium Alginate F A derivative of seaweed, this is the best thickener for Procion MX Dye. Use Sodium Alginate F for silk and synthetics when fine line definition is desired.


Sodium alginate - Food and Agriculture Organization

Structural formula from Phillips, Wedlock and Williams: Gums and Stabilizers for the Food Industry 5 (1990) by permission of Oxford University Press. The number and sequence of the Mannuronate and Glucuronate residues shown above vary in the naturally occurring alginate. The water molecules ...


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