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Amazon.com: 15" Tall Male Mannequin Head Durable Plastic ...

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Amazon.com : Celebrity Cosmetology Bald Head for Wigs ...

This head arrived on time and in great condition. As far as the size, it may be a tad bit small in circumference than the standard size small lace wig.


Mannequin - Wikipedia

A mannequin (also called a manikin, dummy, lay figure or dress form) is an often articulated doll used by artists, tailors, dressmakers, windowdressers and others especially to display or fit clothing.



Remember to include a Mannequin Wig high quality wigs that you can wash and style vibrant colors and flattering cuts


Film Production Services - Mannequin Films

Film production services are what Mannequin Films specialise in. Mannequin films is a leader when it comes to South African film facilitation and services.


Pose Mannequin - Male Articulated Mannequin

Our male articulated mannequin can assume nearly any pose; poseable mannequins without ball joints at the shoulder and hip have limited flexibility. For active poses, this adjustable mannequin can't be beat.


Paintertainment - face painting instruction books, designs ...

NOW SHIPPING! $19.99 "Jewelry for Face & Body Artists" Book by Gretchen Fleener: Whether you’ve arrived at a princess party and left your gemstones on your kitchen counter, need to come up with something extra special & sophisticated for the party hostess on the spot, or just want to wear a new piece of gorgeous, custom jewelry without the price tag, having realistic jewelry in your painting ...


Pyramid Head | Silent Hill Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Pyramid Head is a monster (and in two cases, a duo of monsters) that debuted in Silent Hill 2 as one of the primary antagonists. Since its creation, Pyramid Head has become one of the most well-known and iconic monsters in the franchise, turning into something of a mainstream and flagship...