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Glove Box Systems, Isolation & Containment Glove Boxes

Isolation Glove Box, used to protect the sample and isolate contamination-sensitive materials in a controlled environment ·Basic glove boxes provide dependable isolation, and may use positive air pressure in the workspace to prevent contamination of the specimen.


The Glassware Gallery: Glove Boxes

An introduction to the use and care of inert atmosphere glove boxes (dry boxes) in an inorganic laboratory. Part of the Glassware Gallery.


Glove Boxes: Isolation & Containment Chambers

Terra manufactures plastic and stainless steel glove boxes (dry boxes) to isolate contamination-sensitive materials in a controlled environment or to contain biohazards.


Glove Box Systems | Gloveboxes | MBRAUN

Glove box systems and solvent purifiers from MBRAUN are ready to operate high quality systems that meets your specific application requirements.


Trace Oxygen Analyzers — Glove Boxes from Terra Universal

Terra Universal's Trace Oxygen Analyzers provide continuous, highly precise monitoring of oxygen levels inside a glove box or other sealed enclosure


Open Exhaust Containment Glove Boxes 2300 Series

Cleatech S-2300 Open-Loop Filtration glove boxes designed for Safe Indoor Exhausting providing slight negative pressure inside the chamber to protect the operator from hazardous / infectious agents. .


Saffron Scientific Equipment Ltd - Products

Specialists of Design and Manufacture of both standard and bespoke gloveboxes, dry anaerobic containment systems and environmental chambers based in Knaresborugh North Yorkshire


Glovebox - Wikipedia

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Glove Boxes | Plas-Labs, Inc™

Economical, glove box, just two-thirds the size of the standard glove box.


Bio-Safety Glove Box Cabinets - Banthrax

Versa-Dome™ Isolation Kit (SKU: BX-UD04-DU1K) Self-contained pressurized glove box isolation cabinet, with HEPA filtration, sterile, clean, inert gas & hazardous containment environment capability including deep, spill-control base.