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Gear Reducers

Gear Reducers. GAM also has one of the largest selections of precision gear reducers in the world. From inline to right angle, from less than 1 arc minute of backlash to 20 arc minutes, from frame sizes of 35 mm to 350 mm,


reduction motor,planetary gearbox,reduction gearbox | ZhaoWei

ZHAOWEI machinery is the design, production and sales of the reduction motor,Gearmotors,planetary Gearheads,Plastic gearbox,Reduction gearbox,planetary Gearheads,brand service is worthy of your choice


Gear motor | PMDC motor | AC/DC motor | JIANGNAN YIFAN MOTOR ...

JIANGNAN YIFAN MOTOR CO., LTD(FORMER WUXI JIANGNAN MICRO MOTOR FACTORY) provides customized geared motors that can be set up with circuit breakers or switchgear systems for the power distribution and transmission industries.


Assun Motor: Precision Motor Makers

ASSUN MOTOR is an innovative motor and motion technology and custom engineering services company that manufactures miniature motors and precision motion control technologies like Planetary Gearbox, DC Brush Coreless Motor, DC Brushless Motor & Encoder.


Harmonic DriveĀ® High Precision Gear | Harmonic Drive

We manufacture high-precision, zero-backlash Harmonic DriveĀ® Strain Wave Gears. Trusted industry leader for over 50 years


Plusmax Automation Co.,Ltd.

PLUSMAX INTRODUCTION Plusmax Automation was officially established on Jun 20, 2005. We are proud to be part of your industrial solutions. We are specialized in automatic production control system used in factories worldwide.


Products - WITTENSTEIN North America

WITTENSTEIN develops customized products, systems and solutions for highly dynamic motion, precise positioning and smart networking for electromechanical drive technology.


Manufacturer of Right angle worm gearbox, worm gear motor

Manufacturer and suppliers of Worm gearbox, worm reduction gearbox sizes from 40 to 430, right angle worm gear box, Nu series worm reduction gearbox and worm gear motor


Anaheim Automation - Your source for Stepper Motor, Brushless ...

Custom planetary gearboxes are available in both in-line and right-angle designs, with multiple gear ratios and a wide range of backlash options to choose from. Available in frame sizes from 40mm to 160mm, we will match a gearbox to your specific motor requirements, whether it is our own stepper, servo, or ac motor, or a motor from another manufacturer.


GuangDong M&C Electric Power Co.Ltd|china electric motor ...

GuangDong M&C Electric Power Co.Ltd product china electric motor,China Fractional Horsepower Motor, electric motors, asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, Automobiles micro motor, Vehicle motor, Electric bike motors, Gear motor, DC motors, Brushless motors, Drum motor,Variable speed motor, High power and large size motor, Fan motors, Sewing motor, Wash-machine motors, Three-phases ...