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Calgary, Alberta Knitted Wire Mesh Mist Eliminator | Gas ...

Knitted wire mesh is used throughout the process industry in the separation of mist or small liquid droplets from a gas or vapour stream. Our petroMESH Demister and Enhanced Double Pocketed Vane pack are the most efficient designs on the market.


Mist Elimination - Koch-Glitsch

6 DEMISTER® Mist Eliminators High collection efficiency and low pressure drop. The DEMISTER® mist eliminator is an assembly of YORKMESH knitted mesh that is supported with high open area grids.

www.koch-glitsch.com/Document Library/ME_ProductCa...

DEMISTER - Koch-Glitsch

The DEMISTER mist eliminator is an assembly of YORKMESH knitted mesh supported on, and held down by, high open area grids. When a vapor steam carrying entrained liquid droplets passes through a DEMISTER mist eliminator pad, the vapor moves freely through the YORKMESH knitted mesh but the inertia of the droplets causes them to contact the wire surfaces, coalesce, and ultimately drain as large ...



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Copper wire mesh | SS Wire Mesh | manufacturer | supplier ...

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Clean Air Technologies | Demister Pads | Mist Eliminator ...

Clean air products have become important for creating a cleaner environment for the future generations. Use of Demister and Clean air technologies should be promoted by the various industries.


petroMESH - Mesh Pad | Gas Liquid Separation Solutions

Our mandate is to supply the highest quality, quickest delivery, locally manufactured knitted wire mesh mist eliminator products, now marketed under the trade name petroMESH DEMISTER®.


wire, wire mesh, china wire, strands, cable armouring - Anbao ...

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meshlxf.com - Lai XinFeng & Sons Hardware Pte Ltd

LAI XINFENG & SONS HARDWARE PTE LTD 112, Jalan Besar, Singapore 208832 Tel : (65) 6294 1140 (3 lines) Fax : (65) 6293 2425 Email : sales@meshlxf.com.sg


S.A.JAPAN INCORPORATED HOME - Best Heat treatment Solution

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