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What is an Automatic Backwashing Filter System?

What is an Automatic Backwashing Filter? Simply stated – Automatic backwashing filters are those that are able to reverse flow of water through the media to clean, regenerate, re-stratify or refresh themselves.


Backwashing Automatic System | Rosedale Products Inc.

There are many reasons customers are switching from standard filter housing to either our Auto-duplexes or Automatic Backwashing Systems. Reduces process/system downtime


Automatic Backwashing Screen Filter Installation and ...

The Rain Bird Automatic Backwashing Screen Filter System is supplied with a 4" butterfly ... to the inlet side of the filter on the water-stack


Fleck 2510 SXT Backwashing Granular Activated Carbon Filter

The Fleck 2510 SXT Backwashing Carbon Filter is a fully automatic backwashing carbon filtration system. It uses all NSF and FDA approved components, including the granular activated carbon (GAC). The electronic computer control cleans the GAC of accumulated contaminants while delivering clean, clear, fresh, chlorine-free water throughout your home.



The AFR design is a compact version of our standard AFC style tubular backwashing filter. Whereas each AFC filter station is mounted onto a common inlet, outlet and drain manifold with a series of valves, the AFR Automatic tubular backwashing filtration system has only two valves.


Disc Filters Automatic Backwash

PEP Filters, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of self-cleaning disc filters and automatic backwash filters. ... The stack is ...


Automatic Backwashing Filters | Waterfilters.net

Automatic Regeneration Systems Automatic backwashing filters regenerate automatically so you have less maintenance. A cheaper alternative includes housings with cartridges that require regular changes.


Tubular Backwashing Filters - Automatic Self Cleaning Filters ...

Eaton brings you a complete line of tubular backwashing pressure filters. Contact Eaton today to learn about our Tubular Backwashing Filters.


Filter with Automatic Declogging - ALFA LAVAL MOATTI

Disclosed is an arrangement of distribution columns that can be used to discharge the declogging fluid from a filter with automatic declogging or backwashing.


The Marlo MFS Automatic Backwashing Media Filter

The automatic backwashing system of the Marlo MFS gets rid of any trapped pollutants inside of the filter bed and disperses it down the train. The Marlo MFS covers a vast range of industrial and commercial applications, including chlorine removal, iron removal, and turbidity reduction.