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When a pervasive odor is in your home, it is very unpleasant and embarrassing. Commercial sprays sometimes mask, rather than absorb, these offensive odors. Instead of spending the money to mask the odor, use items in your kitchen cabinet to get rid of these smells.


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As with neutralizing odors, absorbing odors can be done with commercial products or common household items. Again, baking soda is an excellent odor absorber. Open a box and leave it an area, or sprinkle baking soda on a smelly carpet, wait and hour or more, and vacuum the powder and the odor away.

Homemade Air Freshener ~ Odor Absorber - Mom 4 Real

Homemade Air Freshener ~ Odor Absorber by Jessica 33 Comments So, last week I shared my recipe for All Natural Fabric Refresher Spray , which is great for neutralizing odors in the air and fabrics, but sometimes you need something that will absorb odors without being so obvious, right?


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Absorb the odors from everywhere in your home with this Fresh Smelling Home Gel pack. Includes 6 odor absorbing gels with light fragrances.


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Pet odors are no fun keep your home Pet odors are no fun keep your home spelling clean with Citrus Magic pet solid air fresheners. These solid air fresheners absorb even the toughest pet odors using a unique formula with baking soda and powerful odor eliminators.

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The instant odor absorbing air sponges and air sprays are human safe and environmentally friendly. They are the perfect replacement for all toxic deodorants, perfumes and other odor-masking products.


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Elimate Unwanted Odors with Nature's Air Sponge Non-toxic, Biodegradable & Environmentally Friendly!. Nature's Air Sponge is a technological breakthrough in the world of odor elimination and odor control to enhance air quality.


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While cooking sharp-smelling items, like fish or cabbage, place a small bowl of white vinegar on the stove to absorb the odor. To stop offensive fridge smells, pour baking soda into a plastic ...


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Buy "Odor Absorber" products like SMELLS BEGONE® Lavender Vanilla 15 oz. Odor Absorbing Gel Jars (Set of 2), SMELLS BEGONE® Fresh Cotton 15 oz. Odor Absorbing Gel Jars (Set of 2), SMELLS BEGONE® Calming Rain 15 oz. Odor Absorbing Gel Jars (Set of 2), SMELLS BEGONE® Sandy Shore 15 oz. Odor Absorbing Gel Jars (Set of 2)


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Charcoal is known to absorb odors. Activated charcoal, which is the pure kind, is recommended as it is made for the specific purpose of absorbing impurities. Coconut shell charcoal is the preferred type of charcoal used when making charcoal for purifying gases and vapors, a process known as ...